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§ Ideals of General Education: The motto of Chang Gung University is “Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality, and Trustworthiness.” In upholding this maxim the university aims to educate young adults and equip them with proper behavior, ethics, and the ability to put knowledge into practice. The university also expects the students have the ability and volition to engage in lifetime learning and pursue the goal of serving others and society as a whole. The university expects its students to acquire a lifestyle of frugality and trustworthiness as well as a spirit of diligence in study and work, so that they can progress and pursue ceaseless self advancement. The aforementioned goals can only be achieved through a solid and well planned general education. Since human society is constantly evolving, bringing forth new technological advancements, and forming a global village, problems faced by human beings can only be solved by common efforts involving cooperation across different disciplines. Today, the borderline between and among disciplines is blurring, research areas tend to overlap, as do the problems that need to be handled. In facing such challenges, the goal of a general education is to enable students to solve human problems and, at the same time, to make them well versed in the great diversity of human cultural traditions. Only through a broad worldview and the ability to integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge, will our students be able to cope with the coming challenges driven by social and technological change. § Goals of General Education: 1. To educate students to be flexible, decent, and knowledgeable, so that they can possess cross-disciplinary knowledge, open-mindedness, personal integrity, and a kind heart that cares about others. 2. To educate students to possess problem solving abilities, so that they can combine knowledge learned from a variety of disciplines and have the determination to put ideas into practice.